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God, confront us. Let us not be satisfied with anything less than full surrender to Jesus Christ. 

Watchpost is meant to be an encouragement to Christians everywhere who desire to be challenged by Scripture and strengthened with the Truth.


We, the founders, desire to see God glorified and for all mankind to come into right relationship with Him, by the work of the Spirit, and to continue on with increasing submission and obedience to the Word. Scripture shows us that this takes place firstly by knowing what is true (John 8:32), and secondly by bringing our beliefs and actions into line (James 1:22Luke 6:46). As those who are yet to be perfected, whether we are hearing the truth for the first time or being reminded to examine ourselves against the truth, there is a great need in the Body of Christ to be diligent.

Diligent watchfulness is a work God gives us grace to do (1 Thess 5:4). As the Lord opens our eyes to how much within us still remains to truly be surrendered, our prayer is that each one of us would respond rightly and press forward in faith rather than fall back in discouragement (Heb 4:16). 

This is a ministry for those who hunger for righteousness and desire to respond to the call of Christ to drop our lives, ideas, and efforts and follow Christ. 


We pray the Lord would use the resources we provide to bless your walk with Jesus. We are praying for you, reader.

- Mel & Sarah

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